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Experienced. Proactive. Focused.

"A diverse set of skills, industry depth and accumulated investment experience leads to an enriched understanding of the businesses we invest in, resulting in confidence in our collective processes and expected outcomes for our capital partners." --Kinny Madori

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Kinny R. Madori

Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager

Kinny Madori is the CEO and portfolio manager of Kingdom Capital Management. He directs the firm’s investment strategy, governance, and investor relations.


Kinny founded Kingdom Capital with the aim of compounding investors' capital at a competitive rate over time. His pragmatic approach to investing can be credited to Warren Buffet. Kinny selects investments by focusing on business quality, which encompasses the company's long-term productive ability to generate predictable, recurring cash flow and the potential to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Through prudent capital allocation, optimization of timely opportunities, and investment in high-quality businesses with compelling growth prospects, Kinny believes is the optimal way to deliver enduring value for investors. Prior to founding Kingdom Capital, Kinny, at 25, was vice president and portfolio manager for his family's small business, where he was responsible for developing and implementing investment strategies for the company's portfolio.


Kinny serves as trustee and chairman of the Kingdom Charitable Trust, his private foundation. The Kingdom Charitable Trust is a charitable organization that awards grants to fund a wide variety of social issues to support and provide opportunities for underprivileged groups.


B.S. in Business Management from Trinity Christian College.

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